Google Home Mini on Wheels (Battery)


The popular smart voice automation devices like Amazon Echos and Google Home devices are very common in our households now. They are certainly useful and once you have them, you kind of can’t live without them

The one major complain I have for them is: they are not very portable. They all need a very bulky power plug, and need to be plugged in all the time. But why? why can’t they be rechargeable and you can take them anywhere you desire, the patio, by the pool, or in the shower?

I don’t see Amazon or Google rushing into this idea yet, but I do see many third-party sellers already coming out with all kind of innovative designs.  They basically are creating a battery base that fit the device perfectly. You charge the battery base, place the smart device in it, and now your device is portable power by the battery base, just recharge it when you are running out of power, just like your phone.

What a smart idea !

I recently wanted to make my Google Home Mini “portable”, mainly to be use as a portable speaker to play my music totally wireless. I found this little battery base, and I must say, that I admire its simplistic design and elegant look. So please allow me to share it with you.


It basically has a base with the battery and you can slide the Google Home Mini right into the micro USB slot. This simplistic design does not require any messy wires at all. Once you have the device perfectly inside, just close the enclosure, and it provides a very elegant look. There is a power button at the bottom when you like to power up the Google Mini. There is an opening on the side so that you can reach the switch to turn the microphone on or off, very thoughtful, I like that a lot !

As it is never easy to please me totally, the one wish I have for improvement here is to be able to charge it faster. So far, I noticed that it will take at least 5 to 6 hours to charge the unit.

Anyway, I personally hope that Google would consider designing such a battery base with the product, although I worry that it will probably cost much more. I was able to get this elegant battery base for under $8 in Amazon.  Here is a link to the product if you are interested:

Hope you will enjoy putting your smart speakers on battery too!