Python via Trinket (1) – Having fun with shapes !


Have you try Trinket yet?

It is an education site that provides lots of interactive education opportunities which I recently stumble over.  I find it fascinating to evaluate various online education sites that provide innovative ideas on how to do interactive teaching, both online or in a classroom.  The ability to code and test your work interactively, and to share them and collaborate with others are very powerful tools that will leaps us into the next generation of teaching.

As an example, I started with some sample Python code that will draw some shapes, and made a few modification to it.  Trinket allows me to create my own program and share that with others like you interactively by just a few clicks.

This is part 1 of the example.

The first example create a library of shapes and draw them.  Go ahead, click the play button to see the drawing in action, change a few line of code and extend this further.

Hint: User interface is pretty intuitive, click on the  button below to see the code in action, and you can make changes to the code and see the result interactively.  They works fine on windows desktop, Android phone and iPhone, but I did notice that they run a bit slow on iPad.  

Click here to access directly and have fun !