React or Angular?


JavaScript is a very important part of the web, and there are many framework and library to make the development process simpler.  React and Angular are two names that you probably hear the most within the development circle. In this article, I’m going to do a simple comparison table between the two.

What is it?A small View libraryA full MVC framework
DOMVirtual DOM, updates faster since it only update the changes.Regular DOM, updates slower as it updates the entire tree structure.
FilesUses JSX, combines markup and logic in the same file.Uses JavaScript and HTML.
Data BindingOne way binding. Model -> UI changes only.Two way binding. Model -> UI changes, UI -> Model changes.
Languageuse JavaScript, Typescript, or FlowYou must use TypeScript
MobileReact Native is fasterIconic and Cordova are slower
TestingJest & EnzymeJasmine & Mocha
Learning CurveLower, but it is only the view. You will have to learn other 3rd party libraries for the M and C.Higher with the entire MVC framework
SizeSmaller, so a bit faster to loadLarger, longer load times and performance in mobile
Introduced byFacebook, 2013Google, 2016

As far as popularity, here is the latest google search trend for the past 5 years from google trends.

Which one should you use for your project? It really depends on your specific project. Best is to do a small POC with both so that you can see the pros and cons.