Math Puzzle 2 – Change for a Dollar?


It is a lazy and hot Saturday morning in the summer, in case if you need something to exercise your brain without any sweat, here is an interesting problem to solve.

A customer walked into a small local store, customer asked:

“Good morning.  Can you please give me change for a dollar?”

Cashier smiled, looked at her cash register, and reluctantly shakes her head:

“I’m so sorry, but I can’t do it with the coins I have here.”

Customer again asked:

“Oh I understand.  Can you change a half dollar instead?”

Cashier looked at her cash register again, scratched her head and said:

“Nope, so sorry.  I couldn’t even make change for a quarter, dime, or nickel.”

Customer is a bit desperate now, and asked:

“Do you have any coins at all?”

Cashier looked up and smiled, responded happily:

“Oh yes.  I have plenty, I have a total of $1.15 in coins.”

Now the customer is quite confused, how can that be possible? Can you help to solve this mystery? Exactly what combination of coins are in the cash register?

Give it some thoughts, it is an interesting problem to work out.

Once you are done, you can click here to find the proposed analysis and solution.
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